ISO 9001:2015 certified system

Water flow meters

KMA turbine for low-cost water for the determination of water up to 130 ° C with diameters of ½'' up to 2 ½''''.
The whole series is equipped with a REED sensorr or electronic REED OPTO - PULSE EMITTER to get the functions described below:

KMA Woltmann for dosing water up to 200 ° C. pressure up to 40 bar with diameters from DN 40 to DN 400.
Entire series can be equipped with a pulse emitter or electronic REED OPTO to obtain the functions as described below:

KMA/GS turbine AF-AC


KMA NIPLAC corrosion protection


KMA-WOLTMANN with electronic head

KMA GS-W with batch control panel

KMA/GS with mechanics head

KMA/GS head protected resin

Flow meters serie 620C