ISO 9001:2015 certified system

Pump protecting Filters

Pump protecting Filters

The Basket Filter is an important device for the pumps'safeguard. Its employement allows the filtration of the solid matters in suspension and of filaments and/or seaweds that could be on the bottom, elements (these) particullary  dangerous for every pumping device that, except to compromise the longevity of the internal compontents, can considerably reduce the performances.
Its built without metal parts, that makes it also particullary suitable for very aggressive fluids like acid and alkali, normally used in the chemical industry.
The gauges are oversized to avoid breakeups during the assembilng, even if executed by capable hands ; The internal basket is easy removable and inspectionable. 
The basket gauges, can be applied in the chemical industry , in the water  purification , in the FishFarm, in the Galvanising Inudstry, in the Tannery , Textile , Paper, Grafic and many other. 
- Completly built in Polypropylene; 
- Low pressure drop ; 
- Proper for Suction pumps systems too;
- Protection from solid matter in suspension or filament or seaweds;
- easy access filter (Screw top ); 
- Fast polishing or basket sostitution; 
- Solid (max working pressure 7 bar); 
- product's etching with gas thread or optional flanges; 
- Filter (max passage of impurity > 1 mm) . 
- Avaiable with five sizes etching : 1''½, 2'', 2''½, 3''